Is Testosterone to Blame for Bad Decisions?

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Hello Dears,

I wanted to share a small reflection with you on this topic. I recently read an article that drew my attention.
The article available through the hyperlink might seem a bit challenging and disturbing but I found it a good way to reflect on the many times I could experience it in my professional and personal life.

“Testosterone has been part of mammalian physiology for millions of years, and the role of testosterone has been to essentially ensure survival. It’s been functional in social hierarchies and aggression and basic reproductive functions”

“We found that testosterone is making men rely on their wrong, instinctive answer that jumps to their head.”–Gideon Nave

“There was also a link between the stress hormone cortisol and scoring low in this test, suggesting that cortisol is also related to this tendency to give a fast-intuitive response that in this case is wrong.”–Gideon Nave

How many time haven’t we be facing a situation in which we found ourselves in a close to survival situation, or glued in a stressing loop. What were our answers? How did they contribute to the success or more likely the failures of our decisions?

As HR professionals, how do we have to challenge the way we conduct new talent acquisitions, challenge our high potentials. Will they be pushed to take wrong decisions?

And more commonly how do we handle our daily professional life when facing aggression and stress?

Are we, men, doomed to take more bad decisions. Are female professionals mimicking “male” attitudes having higher testosterone level?
Can a better “emotional intelligence” be the antidote to lower our bad decisions rate?

I leave this to you…



Is Testosterone to Blame for Bad Decisions?

Wharton’s Gideon Nave and Amos Nadler of the Ivey School of Business discuss their research on testosterone and decision-making 07/06/2017