Le professionnalisme, la transparence, la flexibilité et la disponibilité de Catharsys ont forgé notre réputation depuis 1997.

La confiance accordée par nos clients est pour nous une source d’inspiration et de motivation.

Nos Clients


Ils parlent de nous
  • I have the pleasure to work with Bruno and his team. Bruno is a very experienced and professional consultant. He is pragmatic, flexible, customer oriented and has a very good business acumen, enabling value creative solutions for his clients.–Dominique Van den Steen - HR Manager IT/Network Belgium-Luxembourg at Mobistar

  • I have worked with Bruno for several years. Bruno’s high flexibility to adapt to the constant changing business en new requests helped our business forward in getting results. He’s always ready to listen, improve and take on new challenges and this in a constructive positive way. This constructive and positive way of working is also present with his co-workers of his company.–Johan Vercammen - HR Business Partner at IMEC

  • Among business owners I know and work with, Bruno stands out for his unique ability in thinking both at very detailed and at bird's eye-view levels. His ability to span across dimensions shows up in other areas, like in acquiring quickly new skills that he will then turn into further leverage for Catharsys business. On a more personal level, Bruno is a well-mannered and and steadfast businessman, who seems to be able to weather the worst situations while keeping a calm outlook on things. These are skills that are extremely valuable in the competitive arena of Human Resources business consulting services. Keep up the good job, Bruno! –Pico Lantini - Technology Strategy at Sirris, Lecturer at Solvay BSEM

  • This is now for many years I'm working together with Bruno and his company, specialised in providing training logistics and consultancy. Bruno always stays calm, philosophic and friendly even in stressy situations. He is trustworthy and definitely someone you can rely on! His customer oriented approach helped us already a lot. Thank you! –Ann Rutten - HR Manager at Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven